How to Make Green Tea?

(A) Note:

1 Use spring water.

2 The best is traditional teacup made of special earth produced only at Yixing, China. Secondly, a cup of china may be used for making up green tea. Never use a glass cup or bottle. Never use any coffee maker to make green tea.

3 Tea is very sensitive to be loosing fresh taste and/or loosing good taste and/or became no taste and/or bad taste and/or loosing its nutrition if the green tea is contacted directly or indirectly with any one of the following, i.e., the sunshine, the high temperature, the high humidity, the fingers, the oils, any chemical smell or any chemical products and time. Therefore, we need to put a bag of tea or a can of tea in a plastic zip bag, and store it in a lower refrigerator. It will keep tea fresh up to two years. If you put one or two cigarettes without its filter in the zip bag or in the bag/can of tea, it will be the best. This is Chinese experience from generations.

4 The best way to drink green tea is to taste the warm or little hot, fresh, just-made-tea.
Please do not drink cold or cool tea, as it will hurt your organs. If you got hot in summer, a cut of warm green tea will let you cool down.

5 The fresh and expensive green tea with high quality is used for relaxation, for enjoying good taste, for adding some special nutrition, for improving the balance of a body, for enjoyment with relatives, friends or guests. It is used at home. If your main goal is to clean chemical pollution in your body, or /and to loose weight, and if you do not mind the fact as it does not have the excellent taste as fresh tea, as it lack some special nutrition, you can use cheap tea.

(B) Methods:

1 Boil spring water by using a kettle (never use microwave please).

2 Put some green tea in a teacup by using a dry and clean spoon or by pouring out the green tea less than one minute before the water start to boil. (Never use your fingers to touch the green tea please). Quantity of tea is about one small teaspoon. You add or reduce next time if you feel too strong or too light.

3 After the water is boiling, turn the heating temperature off; pour some boiling water to a cup of china with the green tea inside. The water should be more than covering the green tea; it is about 0.5 to 1 inch deep. Then, put the kettle back on the stove with room temperature. After about 0.5 to 1 minute, add the hot water into the teacup. Wait about 5 minutes, pouring liquid tea to a small, clean and empty cup, then, pouring the liquid tea from the small cup back to the original cup. Repeat it about two to three times. Now, you can enjoy your liquid tea.

4 You can add the boiling spring water to the teacup after you find that there is no liquid tea inside. Wait about three minutes; you can have your liquid tea at second time. You can add boiling water another time. Warning: Never add boiling water at 4th time. After 2nd or 3rd time of boiling water, you need throw the old wet tea away. If you still have the liquid tea and you do not want more tea, pouring the liquid tea to a clean cup of glass. Let is cool down to room temperature. Seal the cup by using polyvinyl films. Store the cup of tea into a lower level of a refrigerator. Next day, you have to drink it or pouring away.

Do not drink liquid tea after 5 pm. Otherwise, you cannot have a good sleep.

Do not drink the over-night-liquid tea if
(1) there are the wet tealeaves in the liquid tea, and
(2) there are over 14 hours since the wet tea leaves changed from the dry tealeaves to the wet tea leaves at first time. (Note: 14 hours is based on room temperature. Never let the wet tealeaves and the liquid tea stay in a steady hot temperature in long time.)